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Go Local with Local Seo; find and explore

The internet is indispensable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small store or a conglomerate, you need maximum visibility. Especially if you are a small business owner, who wants to expand presence online. Then, you should invest in small business seo packages.

Typically small business packages will be offered by local SEO’s for local businesses. Local SEO’s are a good choice for small business seo packages, as they have an organic reach to the target audience.

For a small business, look for business package which is low cost, effective and has a high utility value. Check for freebies. The best option is to opt for a local seo package. Some key features of a local seo package include

small business seo packages

  • Local listings – It gets displayed immediately when someone in your locality or area runs a search for any of the keywords. All search engines with maps facility, yellow pages, and online directory services will display it for your area.
  • Local Keywords – All searches related to your area or keywords used locally, will display your website.
  • Backlinking – Linking it to other sites which are local, or blogs written with your area target audience, are used in backlinking. That is, your site can get visits from all local area sites.
  • Content – Content about your local area will have your business mentioned and linked.

Identify the kind of SEO package that your business needs. The package that you invest in should answer all your needs. For instance, if you deliver goods to both local and global destinations, invest in a package which offers both local and global services. Find out whether the package includes business analytics, that is, does it offer periodic reports on traffic to your site, etc. Find out if the package allows you to independently manage seo keywords or access seo tools. Also, check whether analytical reports are free or fee-based. For instance, hoot-suite offers paid for reports while google analytics has a free option as well.

Check if the seo package that you opt for has a one-time service fee or is it subscription based. Many seo packages come with gold and diamond offers which give one-time discounts. Always check if there are hidden costs in such packages. Also ensure that your background research tells you whether the SEO uses white hat methods or illegal methods to cut costs.

Do your research properly and don’t go for the first available package in your area. List three to four providers and then do a compare and contrast. Talk to each of them about the cost. Check if they are willing to customize the package for you. If your business has a specific requirement, you may want to include add-ons in the package. Check whether this is possible and at what cost.

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