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Low transaction fees in bitcoin

Each of us has probably felt more than once that various types of transaction fees using traditional currencies can give a lot of money. For comparison – Bitcoin transfer involves symbolic transaction fees. To put it simply, transferring even a large sum in this cryptocurrency costs about a few cents. Banks, on the other hand, count even a few percents on each transaction for currency transfers.

It is also worth remembering that when operating with traditional currency, banks impose many fixed fees and other additional costs. In the case of Bitcoin gdax fees with a similar situation, there can be no question – it is a currency without any central power, the creation of a wallet is free, and there is no way that using it would involve additional hidden fees.


Contrary to appearances and the opinions of many people, Bitcoin is a safe currency, protected by mathematical rights and cryptography. There is no place here for laws created by people, which may contain various types of loopholes or room for misinterpretation. Without going into quite complicated details – the Bitcoin network is made up of thousands of computers from around the world. There is not one person or one privileged group that controls the market for this cryptocurrency gdax fees. Bitcoin is not subject to the laws of inflation; all transactions are anonymous and carried out in real-time. While maintaining appropriate security rules, breaking into a wallet is an extremely difficult task.

As mentioned – Bitcoin is anonymous, while remaining transparent. All transactions are public, identified, and stored in a so-called joint operation book. Everyone can get to the list of payments made; however, the identity of the owner of the address involved in the operation will not be recognized until he reveals his personal data. Anonymity is possible but requires proper precautions.

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