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Do It Yourself Platform Bed Plans

So you just moved into your new home and almost everything works fine. You put on the big screen TV, set up surround sound, and you’re ready for football season. However there is a problem. Your room is very crowded and you feel claustrophobic in your room. So now you are looking for solutions. Yes you can get rid of your Chester wardrobe and drawers, but you still have room to store your clothes. Well, maybe you can.

What you probably need to organize your room and make it feel like home is a platform bed. You can go to IKEA or your local furniture store to find a bed with a platform underneath that will suit your room. Or you can go one step further. If you do it yourself, you can build a new platform.

Platform Bed Diy

Buying a platform bed has some advantages. Most importantly, you can do this today and you can organize your room sooner. If you don’t have good skills, you may be better off buying one of these beds. The main disadvantages of buying a bed with a podium underneath are the cost and the ability to customize it to your needs.

So what are the advantages of making your own bed? You can customize it to your needs with drawer knobs, the paint or varnish color you choose, the size of drawers or even cabinets, among others. One of the cool things you can do is take the average space between the drawers on each side and create storage space with a cabinet door. You can also convert your bed to a double stacked platform to fit under the bed, giving you more space for drawers.

Now that you’ve decided to build a platform bed diy, what are your next steps? First, you must find a good set of plans. If you have a background in the lumber industry, you may not need to follow these plans exactly as you can make the changes you want to your bed. Once you have chosen the blueprints to use, you will need to make sure you have all the necessary tools and supplies to complete your project.

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