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What are the types of short leg syndrome?     

People may have many commitments as well as dreams in their life. So, people have to struggle a lot to fulfill all such commitments and dreams. This may create heavy work stress for the people. And if they work continuously without any break then it may cause depression for them. Many people are struggling with depression. Such people can consult a doctor to get treatment for depression. The doctor may suggest some food habits and medicines for the early cure of depression. Depression may cause many side effects for the people. The overweight is one of such side effects. Overweight is the main reason for the causes of many health issues such as high blood pressure, heart attack, etc. Many people are suffering from joint pain which is also caused due to heavyweight.

These days, short leg syndrome has become a common problem. It refers alludes to a discrepancy in leg lengths bringing about incessant leg and back torment. Distinctive leg lengths will in general tilt the pelvis down on one side setting unusual weight on the muscles and spine. This syndrome is divided into two types such as anatomical and functional.

  1. Structural syndrome

Structural is because of the real contrast long of femur/tibia. The reason might be innate, post-careful, or injury for example knee substitution or break.

  1. Functional syndrome

Functional hard segments equivalent long yet work unbalanced. This asymmetry incapacity might be from hip flexion contractures, past injury, over the top one-sided foot pronation/supination, pelvic/irregularity, hyperextension of knee/lower leg and knee varum/valgum.

Therefore, take proper treatment for short leg syndrome.

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