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Keys to Success in Setting Up an HR Information System

In a context where more than 90% of companies have taken digital transformation, the human resources sector is strongly impacted. As you have undoubtedly noticed, the HR professions are no longer practiced as before: new HR strategies, new practices, new tools, etc. HR Software Vendor in Singapore today plays a central role in driving business change.

Until now, we considered that human resources information systems (HRIS) were reserved for large accounts: heavy and complex projects, long and expensive. This time is now over! Now, new solutions are at the fingertips of SMEs.

Why Set Up an HR Information System (HRIS)?

We have identified four main reasons for setting up an HR Information System in your organization.

Meet Legal Obligations

The labor code consists of more than 4000 pages! Company agreements, labor law, clauses, etc. Legal questions punctuate your daily life, and an HRIS makes it possible to integrate all of these legal constraints.

Structuring HR Processes

The establishment of an HRIS homogenizes, simplify and automate all your HR processes.

Win Time

hr software vendor in singapore offers each employee the possibility to access all administrative documents (contracts, training, leave balance, etc.), managers can manage their teams more easily through workflows. The human resources department is less used by employees and can focus on subjects with higher added value.

Improve Business Productivity

No more paperwork! Implementing an HRIS makes it possible to gain efficiency by carrying out less administration in all company layers.

Final Words

Establishing a schedule is essential to allocate the necessary time to the project and to get organized. It is just as important as budget tracking. It is also the HRIS project manager’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the planning and budget previously defined.

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